Our Digital Marketing Services Digital Marketing Services

Custom Website Development A well designed and functional website is a key element to your success. Our development and design teams work together to build a stunning and functional site that showcases your work and optimizes user experience.

Search Engine Optimization Our SEO strategies are dynamic – we continually re-evaluate content, educate our team on best practices, and conduct ongoing link analysis to ensure that potential customers find you.

Digital Media Buys At SILVR, we don’t believe in “set it and forget it”. We design compelling ad campaigns that are strategically targeted to meet your goals, and then we diligently analyze, test and tweak to optimize results.

Social Media Our multi-platform social media experts will help you engage your current community, gain new followers, and drive traffic to your business through quality content, informed targeting, and careful brand management.

Email Marketing Email is one of the most intimate methods of digital conversation and we approach email marketing strategy with that in mind. Our highly personalized email campaigns will build trust, impart value and guide your community.

Infographic & Graphic Design Customer attention spans can be short, but our super talented graphic designers can distill a complex message into an easy to understand visual directive that gets attention and creates a lasting impact.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking We may be known for our top-notch creatives, but our stats nerds are always behind the scenes tracking results, scrutinizing data, and setting KPIs in order to drive results to ensure tangible success.

The Continous Patient Journey

Potential Patient

Existing Patient


These people don’t know your business yet, and are unlikely to become a customer right NOW, but they are still valuable as potential customers! First impressions are important, so we’ll help introduce them to your brand, use a strong call to action to drive them to your website, and provide a positive user experience.

They know who you are, but they may not understand the details of what you do. They have had some type of interaction with your website or social media, but they have not yet opted in. We’ll provide customized content to increase brand awareness and show them all you have to offer.

This potential customer is interested in your brand and your services. They’ve visited your website more than once or they follow you on social media, but they are still deciding if your business is a match for their needs. We will utilize personalized storytelling to hook their interest and answer their questions.

Now we’re getting close! An educated potential buyer feels an affinity for your brand and is familiar with what you have to offer. They may have already trusted you with their email address, but haven’t made a commitment yet. We will nurture their interest with high-quality content and value-added messaging to win them over.

Your customers are your community, and it is so important to take care of the people who have put their trust in your business. We will turn loyal customers into advocates by maintaining a relationship, providing content that benefits them, and driving them to share their experience with new potential customers.

Let’s Talk About Next Steps

Your digital marketing strategy should reflect your brand and utilize a comprehensive approach to meet your goals. The SILVR team has deployed thousands of successful marketing campaigns over the past decade for a wide variety of medical and commerce clients across the country and internationally. Despite our extensive experience, we still recognize the of value continued education, which is why we are dedicated to exploring innovation and investing our resources into providing learning opportunities for our team members, including search industry conferences. We are constantly upping our game, perfecting our techniques, and expanding creatively to exceed expectations. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you and your customers.